Rasan Financial Services

Business Model

RFS is a non-conventional financial institution working under an Investment Banking model that provides a wide range of financial services fully in compliance with banking regulations and Islamic Sharia principles. Under its unconventional business model, RFS provides financial solutions and strategic financial and business plans to its clients with specific tailor-made objectives and goals. RFS uses creative financial engineering and managerial skills integrated into strategic business visions and plans demonstrating real value to its clients.


RFS leverages its expertise, network and knowledge of different markets in sourcing good quality investments and transactions with perfection to meet its client's appetite for risk and reward.


RFS experience is quite extensive in financial engineering where such skills are used in investment activities and in providing real support to its clients under financial advisory platform.


RFS is able to advise clients on all aspects of their fundraising activities, including assistance with sourcing and structuring of both debt and equity financing and other hybrid structures.

Our Services

Established in 2015 Financial Consultancy and Advisory

Rasan Financial Services