Business Strategy

Business Strategy

The strategy of the Founders is designed to add value in terms of maximizing the vested interest of the Founders in the ownership of the group of Companies while play an important role in the management of such companies. Hence, as a starting point to kick off the operation of the group, the Founders established Rasan Holding Company to act as the investment arm for them retaining approx. 50% through direct and indirect ownership while the remaining shareholders were carefully selected to ensure implementation of the strategies and executive plans. Such plans outlines the intention to create operational arms to actively engage in businesses in selected economic sectors mainly in the financial and real estate sectors. Other sectors such as Energy, Services, Industrial and Technology sectors are also keen targets for Rasan Group of companies.   

Rasan Group of Companies seek to be a pioneer leader as value added Institutions serving in selected world economies

To be engaged in specialized Investment banking activities with national, regional & international focus targeting medium to large ticket transactions in selected strategic sectors.

Business Model


Rasan Group Of Companies